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Somebody's Son

Somebody's Son by Marcia Layne for Hidden Gems Production, UK tour, spring 2012. video...

This is a powerful, funny and heart breaking story about three teenage boys Darnell, Kieran and Anthony. They make music together, play on the school teams together and are failing together. They're tight friends until Rochelle and Angel come along, challenging everything they thought they knew about each other and themselves.

What you see isn't always what you get in this surprising coming of age drama.

Narcissus & Echo

Narcissus & Echo, a chamber opera by Anja Djordjevic, directed by Chris Hill, libretto by Marija Stojanovic, designed by Lucy Read & Giulia Scrimieri, musical director Morag Galloway, translation Alex Chisholm, October 5-20, 2011. photos...

The classical Greek myth of the nymph Echo and her fatal love for the beautiful Narcissus is transformed into an enchanting new chamber opera. The lovely and lonely Echo falls for Narcissus who has eyes only for his own reflection. Their tragic love story is overseen by a chorus of wise and witty nymphs. With music that draws on the baroque sound of Purcell and Monteverdi, this opera of love and longing is as classical as it is contemporary and a must for all music lovers.

Me, As A Penguin

Me, As A Penguin by Tom Wells, directed by Chris Hill, designed by Barney George, April-June 2010. photos...

Stitch is hitting the gay scene of Hull. Or at least dipping his toe in the water while staying with heavily pregnant sister Liz and her shabby sofa loving partner Mark. But why won’t Stitch let anyone into the bathroom even though Liz is dying for a pee? And who is the man in the giant penguin costume?
A comedy of knitting, penguins and Battenberg cake.

‘Wells exercises impressive command over a surreal situation… given the choice I personally would pick up the penguin.’ The Guardian.


BEEP... by Aisha Khan and Mark Catley for Development Lab at Theatre in the Mill (Bradford Uni), November 3-7, 2009. photos...

Baron likes his routine - scarf, sandwiches, flask, office (mobile phone complaint department), ignore boss (Jon, young, slick, smartarse), home. Counting out the days like the pills he's saving for something... Until one day Melissa bursts into the ofiice like one of the colourful butterflies she loves. And Baron's life changes in ways he might not like - or expect.

Company Along The Mile

Company Along The Mile by Tom Bidwell, National Tour, Jan-Feb 2009, in co-production with WY Playhouse. photos...

Stella and George are no ordinary couple. For starters they're not a couple, they just meet in a hotel room in Blackpool every Wednesday and Stella is a transvestite who likes her sandwiches cut into triangles. A quiet afternoon in bed looking over the obituaries is interrupted by a mysterious phone call and a volley of stones at the window. Is this a Stella wind up or is someone out to get them?

With Blackpool lapping at the windowpane and a dead body in the ensuite, Stella and George are panicked into action. Will this be the end of their story or the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Let's Go Outside

Let's Go Outside, an international project including workshops and showcases in Athens and Leeds of a new play Here I Am by Nikolai Khalezin, founder of Belarus Free Theatre. The project included artists from Belarus, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and UK.

Funded by British Council Creative Collaborations Programme.

Born in Bethlehem

Born in Bethlehem by Al Harah Theatre (Palestine), UK Tour Spring 2008 (SPCI Leeds Uni, Contact Manchester, York Theatre Royal, Tara Arts, Marjon, The Plough and Theatre Clwyd). photos...

Funded by Arts Council of England.

Born in Bethlehem is a new piece of work devised by Al-Harah company, themselves based in Beit Jala, close to Bethlehem. The play takes the form of a guided tour through Bethlehem, with the audience as the sight-seers. The tour includes a performance of the Nativity story. But the characters of Mary and Joseph soon encounter all the problems of present day Palestinians: the dividing wall and security checks.

Being Harold Pinter

Belarus Free Theatre in Leeds (25-28 Feb 2008)
Being Harold Pinter by Nikolai Khalezin
Generation Jeans by Nikolai Khalezin

Two performances each of Being Harold Pinter and Generation Jeans performed at a secret location in Leeds as a re-construction of conditions under which Belarus Free Theatre is forced to work in Minsk – uncertainty, constant risk of persecution and arrest. Modern and politically engaged dramaturgy combined with some of the classiest acting and directing Eastern Europe has to offer.

Being Harold Pinter – A collage of scenes from some of Pinter’s greatest works interwoven into his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, highlighting the connections and contradictions between his artistic and human rights principles. photos...

Generation Jeans ­– A personal and deeply moving monologue on resistance to oppression, written and performed by Nikolai Khalezin, supported by DJ Laurel’s live act. photos...

Supported by Arts Council of England, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Workshop Theatre (University of Leeds).

Heart of a Dog

Heart of a Dog by Jodie Marshall (adapted from original novella by Mikhail Bulgakov)
Theatre in the Mill (Bradford Uni), May 2007

This was a small scale, pilot project, produced for Theatre in the Mill as a part of research on re-working classics. The show was performed in May 2007 at Bradford University campus (Richmond building) at a sci-fi looking annex, very suitable for the setting of Jodie Marshall’s play.




Amsterdam by Chanje Kunda, Afrique Performs, national tour 2014/2015 photos...

... Everything reminds me of you. I am still, travelators and escalators move forward. Like lying in your bed I am transported to another place. You travel in me and I am your destination ...

Adapted from her own book of poems, Amsterdam is a unique experience; part autobiography, part travelogue, part lyrical drama.

Chanje has a massive crush on a charming Surinamese guy living in Amsterdam. She didn't mean to meet him, she didn't plan to meet anyone. Her life back home in rainy Manchester isn't easy. So, she's catching a flight to meet her fate. What will become of this 21st century, passionate, long distance relationship - you're about to find out.

Amsterdam was originally produced by Afrique Performs with scratch performances at Contact in Manchester and Podium Mozaiek Theatre in Amsterdam. An impressive artistic team, lead by theatre and film director Juliet Ellis are creating a super-modern, visual and physical piece, using spoken word, live art and dance fusion.

What's On Stage **** '... Amsterdam is so lively and moving that there can be no barriers to audiences having a very good time indeed.'

>Bag Lady

Bag Lady by Marcia Layne, Hidden Gems Productions, national tour 2013/2014

Trailer: Bag Lady

Memory is precious. Yours, mine, the phone. Just need to know when to press delete.

Meet Eve, covered in a huge overcoat. She may epitomise the homeless 'bag lady' but that's not the whole story. As she peels back the layers, through her passionate rants and reflections we discover that not only is it okay to be angry, but sometimes it is essential for our survival.
Marcia Layne's brave new monologue will take you on an exhilarating roller coster ride. Bag Lady challenges and celebrates the notion of the angry and strong Black woman.

What's On Stage **** '... powerful and thought-provoking drama ...'


Conscientious by Adam Z. Robinson, touring autumn 2014

Trailer: Conscientious

... You want to ask me, don't you? Didn't there come a point when you thought enough was enough? Yes. There did.

Rebekah is back at her parents' house, holed up with her old uni essays and family records. Determined to move on with her life, she begins researching and writing the story of her great-grandfather, a WW1 conscientious objector. But each page brings the events she is trying to outrun ever closer. Rebekah's own story needs to be told ...

How, as a new graduate, she was just grateful for a job. But when volatile Michelle became her best friend then her worst enemy, her life descended into misery. As office became battleground, she saw the things she loved destroyed until ... but that's the part she doesn't want to remember.

Written by Adam Z. Robinson and performed by Rachel Ashwanden, this gripping one woman show asks us to consider the consequences of our actions and inactions when pushed to the edge. The play was originally developed as a part of the West Yorkshire Playhouse's Furnace Season 2013.

Daily Info, Oxford '... We are made to do what good theatre makes us do - to think for ourselves.'


Rabbitskin by Dominic Grace, national tour and Edinburgh Fringe 2013 photos...

"Cal says everyone’s story’s the same. Get born, grow up, get a job, get wed, have kids, work, get sick, get better, get sick, get better, get sick, die.
I think he’s wrong."

Joe can name his twenty favourite authors straight off the top of his head and quote his favourite books perfectly. He’s a master storyteller like his father, a man who can make the ghosts and monsters of Irish legends seem as real as the rabbits he skins and cuts up on the kitchen table.
But when Joe tries to tell his own story he finds it difficult to keep on track. All stories must come to an end eventually, but that’s the bit that Joe doesn’t want to tell.

Dom Grace’s beautiful new play asks us to consider how easy it is for us to listen to other people's stories, but how difficult it is to tell our own.

Directed by Chris Hill
Joe is played by Luke Adamson
Technical Supervision by Ivan Mack

>The Disappearance of Sadie Jones

The Disappearance of Sadie Jones written and directed by Hannah Silva, national tour, autumn 2013

How far can you go inside yourself?
No one no one no one knows.
I know.

Sadie Jones wants to disappear. She walks a tightrope between reality and imagination; a chaos of words and silence. Sadie leads her lover and her sister into the strange landscape of her unconscious where speech sounds like music and buying apples is a lesson in absurdism.
The Disappearance of Sadie Jones is a unique blend of language, image and physicality, inspired by the ideas of Strindberg and companies such as Frantic Assembly.

>Multi Story Water

Multi Story Water - Shipley by prof. Stephen Bottoms (Uni of Manchester), September 2012 and July 2013 read more...

Multi-Story Water is a unique piece of three parts mobile storytelling taking spectators on a dramatic journey around the River Aire and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal as they weave their way through the Shipley - Saltaire - Baildon. It talks about rich historical heritage, present time issues and possible future of the area. photos...

Supported by Arts and Humanities Research Council grant.